Online Courses vs. Traditional Courses

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Online Courses versus Traditional Courses
Marisol Maldonado
November 13, 2011
Serafin Roldan

Online Courses versus Traditional Courses
Maybe you don’t like sitting in a classroom setting. Maybe you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to be in a classroom at a set time. Maybe the commute is too much. Maybe you feel traditional college course take too long. Maybe you are a self paced learner. Maybe you can’t afford the expenses of furthering your education. Online classes just may be your answer. Online courses are now becoming more popular because they are similar to traditional classes, but may be more convenient for many students. Cost can be a factor for many students when choosing which college to attend. Although online courses and traditional courses both offer some of the same financial benefits such as financial aide and student loan programs many students still wonder if they can afford furthering their education. This is where the cost advantages of online courses versus traditional courses come into play. An article states that “According to the college, average yearly tuition for a four-year institute is $26,273 or $875 per credit. At the online University of Phoenix, Students are charged significally less, at $360 per credit.” (Gross, 2011) With online classes students would not have the added cost of living expenses because they can study from home. This saves money on having to pay for housing on or off campus. This also saves on the cost of daily expenses such as food and gas to travel back and forth to classes. Depending on where you live not to mention all the mileage added to your vehicle. The savings on tuition cost as well as others such as housing, food, gas, and added mileage to your vehicle can all make online courses a more cost efficient choice over traditional courses. Convenience is also one of the main reasons students are choosing online courses over traditional courses. With the busy schedules and...
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