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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Information and Communications database systems have important applications in education. Electronic registration, E-registration, web based registration or even online registration is a secure website that students enter to indicate that they will attend classes in the upcoming rain or harmattan semester (Strauss, 2000). A student can register for courses simply with the use of a computer system with an active internet subscription plan. And this is made possible by logging on to an active school website that has a portal for such services. A web portal as a site that functions as a point of access to information on the World Wide Web and portals present information from diverse sources (Pena-Lopez, 2007). This kind of system will be cost efficient, reliable, and fast. Registration of courses have been done manually in paper form in most schools using a course form which is time consuming, difficult to store, expensive and also results in long queues in the administrative block. A course form is a sheet of paper that states a student’s curriculum in a semester. The administrative department of an institution is responsible for issuing course forms, keeping track of the forms from the day a student enrolls in the institute till the day of graduation using a paper based database. A paper based database is a collection of data which is stored in a logical, structured and orderly manner. For example, the Phone Book is a paper based database. The elements of a paper based course form are fields in which information can be inserted appropriately.
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