Online Course Registeration

Topics: Database management system, SQL, Database Pages: 13 (3961 words) Published: June 27, 2012
COP 5725 - Database Management Systems
University of Florida

Online Course Registration System
Project Report
Tolstoy Newtonraja Computer and Information Science & Eng UF-ID: 3411-3151 Aditya Nafde Computer and Information Science & Eng UF-ID: 5159-7503

1. Subject and Purpose
The need for structured storage, modification and maintenance of huge amounts of data has resulted in the emergence of the Database Management System (DBMS) as one of the core fields in the Computer Science industry. DBMS is the system of computer software that is aimed to provide a managing tool for maintaining the data, through various data models. The purpose of implementing this project is to understand the data modeling concepts that is used in a real time scenario and to implement a fully functional database system which interacts with a front end interface.

2. Definition of the Problem
An Online Course Registration system for University of Dataville is to be developed with a front-end web interface and a back-end database. An example of the system would be University of Florida’s ISIS Registration. Any database system can be chosen as the back-end such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Access. Any web server can be chosen for the front end such as Tomcat, Glassfish, JRun, etc. Any server side language can be chosen such as PHP, JSP, ASP, etc.

3. Project Specification
A high level description of the project: • Each student has a unique student ID and a profile. The profile includes first/last names, gender, date of birth, local address, department, enrolled year, username, login password, and may have a picture. You can also add other necessary information. • Each instructor has a unique faculty ID and a profile. The profile must indicate the instructor’s department(s). An instructor may work at more than one department.

• A department has a unique department ID, a name, and a list of faculties. • Each course has a course number, an instructor, given department, term, credits, classroom, periods, prerequisite courses, textbooks, and other information you think is necessary. • A classroom has a unique ID and a unique location. Classrooms can hold more than one course each term, but these courses cannot conflict in time. Classrooms have capacities. Registered students’ number cannot exceed the classroom capacity. • Must maintain all the courses a student has already taken/registered. This is used to check course prerequisites when registration. • Students may login (with username and password) to the system to register courses or retrieve all the courses they have already taken/registered. • Instructors may login (with username and password) to the system to add courses or retrieve all the courses they have already given/added. • A student cannot register a course if: 1) he/she doesn’t meet the prerequisites, 2) the students registered in the course exceed the capacity of the classroom, 3) the course has a time conflict with other courses in the same term. • An instructor cannot add a course if: 1) the classroom has already occupied by another course in the same period, 2) he/she has another course in the same period, 3) he/she is not affiliated to the department of this course. • A day has 12 periods and a week has 5 days. Instructor provides periods when adding courses to the system. • Students may retrieve all the courses given by a department, an instructor, or held in a specific period. • There can be an arbitrary number of students/instructors/departments/classrooms/courses

4. Need for Solution
The practical implementation of a real time database management system made us understand the intricacies involved in designing the database schema with inter related constraints and the complexity that exists in integrating the front end system with the back end data-store. This project gave us a hands-on experience on developing the entire project using MySQL,and PHP using the...
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