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Topics: Shyness, Online chat, Truth Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Everybody has probably seen their friends on e-mail or at a chat-room. Yet others do it themselves. But the most important question is why do they do it? Does it bring them pleasure; or does it just make shy people more expressive? This is not an issue that’s only harmful to children, but also to adults- even though they may be more responsible. I agree that there are some good things about online chatting and chat-rooms. But there are ten times as many bad things as there are good things about online chatting. The people who you may be talking to on the Internet may not always be who they seem to be; which is the main reason why chat-rooms are unsafe. Online chatting and chat-rooms are a lot like texting, and even though many people think that by chatting online shy people become more expressive, that is not true.

Everybody, at some point or another of their life has hears; “don’t trust people blindly.” That saying can very well be applied to e-mailing and chatting online. The most important reason why chatting online is very harmful is because people don’t always say the truth. What I mean is that many people online may lie about themselves on their profile for MySpace, or Facebook. Poof! There goes the magic! Obviously everyone, including you, believes that the person is saying the truth and start talking to them. As the time passes by rapidly; hours, days, weeks, months; a small suspicion grows inside of you. But guess what? It’s too late. You have told that person everything about yourself, including your dark past. Now what? There really is no solution to your problem because the world is cold and cruel. The only way to stop this would have been to not even start this!

Studies in the past have shown that texting is very harmful for a child’s growth- mentally, physically, and academically. Online chat-rooms are not any better than texting. For one reason, online chatting is very addictive, so many young people use most of their time on the...
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