Online Cashier's Assessment System

Topics: Assessment, E-assessment, Evaluation Pages: 6 (1721 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Cashier’s Assessment System of Jose Rizal Memorial State University

A thesis presented to
The faculty of the computer science department
College of arts and sciences
Jose Rizal Memorial State University
Main Campus, Dapitan city

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirements of the
Subject cs-116 project thesis


Martinez, Annie Joy
Baldamor, Genesis
Lobitaña, Kevin
Aseñas, Alex

March 2013

Chapter 1
The Problem And Its Scope
On these ages, technology has start affecting the society and each society and each surroundings in a number of advance economy and allows high quality of usage in the life of every people. Technology is now taking the first rule to change the lifestyle in this world.   With the technology at present and in the coming future development, will totally change the lifestyle of this world. It will totally change the problem of the society on these days and systems had been created to help beings make their job easier at the most immediate possible time. In way, manual system or the traditional ways are transformed into automated ones. People enroll their selves in school to learn something, develop and improve their skills. It also makes them to communicate to different kinds of person. There are lot of programs offered by the school. It makes them as an asset for the school. Some students consider the facilities of school before enrolling their selves to one particular educational institution. Education is an essential necessity for every individual. This will help them reach their goals and establish their status as a worthy human being. In recent years, innovation is growing rapidly. The number of school system adopting online enrollment system, online grade, and posting and attendance report is growing. It is an advantage for a school to have an online cashier’s assessment system against its competitors. Aside from being an advantage, it is also a marketing strategy for the school. It is one of the reasons why schools tend to do online cashier’s assessment system rather than the tradition one. Schools have also experienced a raise in security incident with this background, the ability to have a systemized, automated and secured assessment and accounting system is becoming more essential for schools to assure organized process of enrollment among students. One key tool in this period is to use a web based application that will assure secured system of assessment and accounting for a certain school. An online enrollment system is a quick and efficient way for students. Through online cashier’s assessment system, student can enroll via online anywhere or without going out to school thru the website of the school in internet. This study aims to come up with an online cashier’s assessment system for Jose Rizal Memorial State University which contains information relevant data such as name, year, section, miscellaneous fees and other fees paid. This system is designed for the use of the registrars and administrators in enabling them to make their work easier and more comprehensive. Not only will the system be effective in making the online cashier’s assessment system fast but also make the records safe and more reproducible. The system will reduce the cost of operation through less use of resources such as paper, ink, and other office supplies. It also allows less room for errors in recording and computations due to the automated nature of the proposed system. It increases file security with less risk from unauthorized access. Overall, the proposed system increases the efficiency of the school’s enrolment system by automating the tasks.

Theoretical / Conceptual Framework
This study is anchored on KNOWLEDGE SHARING AND ONLINE ASSESSMENT (2002) . Online systems to support education attempt to do so through impacting communication. Traditionally, the communication flows from author and teacher to the student (Dori, Barak, & Adir, 2003; Gal-Ezer,...
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