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Topics: Amish, Customer service, Marketing Pages: 16 (5403 words) Published: April 21, 2013
A1. Viability of Service
THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM is an online store dedicated providing consumers with the top quality goods along with Amish values that have been passed on from generation to generation. The Amish traditions and values have can be traced back to the 18th century. THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM was founded in Ohio’s Amish heartland in 2005. THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM currently operates the store online with quality goods, hard work and priding their selves with outstanding customer service. THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM graciously commits a portion of the proceeds going to families that are in need. The barn-star is an Amish tradition that was used in the United States in the late 18th century in Ohio with the popularity increasing following the Civil War. The barn-star was meant to represent the signature of a builder. However, in recent years the barn-star has become more frequently used for aesthetic purposes and added to buildings after the completion of construction. The five-pointed star which makers describe as “barn-stars” remains to be a very popular form of décor to modern homes. The barn-star is often purposely distressed or rusted, alluding to the traditional décor. THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM market started as a store in Ohio and began collaboration with online buyers in the Northeast Region. The current advertisement has been through word of mouth and limited online campaign. THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM currently has minimal online presence limiting the search for new customers. Creating an online presence for THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM will provide greater existing customer satisfaction along with providing a means to increase market share. Target Market

THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM is an online store which acts a monopoly for its onsite customers as well as its out of state customers. THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM’s mission is based on the Amish tradition which is to provide customers with Amish values and quality products that have been passed down for generations. The Amish market THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM competes in is segmented by Amish who are in other states that do not cater to the Amish tradition. THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM’s share of the market is not only limited to the Amish community. This allows THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM to market outside of the Amish community and increase its market shares.

As part of THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM’s online expansion, it plans to increase its target customer base to include customers in the other 27 states as well as Canada and Mexico. With the population of Amish families at 251,000 just in 28 states, THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM will greatly increase its market share by incorporating Canada and Mexico. Feedback from current customers along with employees has given indication for the need for online expansion in order to improve customer satisfaction. Creating an online presence will allow THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM to grow beyond a limited customer base of having a “brink and mortor” store front. This will provide the opportunity to engage customers using technology. It will also provide and atmosphere allowing customers to easily manage ordering and logistics by using a single “point of sale” online store front. The creation of a professional online presence blog will provide customers a place to be interactive with the available activities along with information on special events and products. For continual satisfaction, a customer survey will be accessible to further improvement. The interactive site will also provide contact information. The blog is also utilized as a forum for the latest news, video, products, and tutorial that relates to products and Amish culture. THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM’s blog offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about the Amish community and the historic significance of many of their products. The blog will allow THEAMISHBARNSTAR.COM to have “sticky” content which visitors can return time and time again without being pressure to make purchases. The increase market share is the next...
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