Online Branding

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Online Branding

As traditional advertising is threatened by shrinking audiences, rising costs and new blocking mechanisms, advertisers are looking to the Internet to find an effective alternative. The web is not a perfect solution, and its voluntary nature poses particular challenges for brand managers. But as the technology landscape shifts, companies are increasingly moving online to promote and enhance their brands.

Recognize that effective branding strategies integrate online activities and traditional advertising. •key advantages of online branding strategies for building a company’s web traffic and reinforcing brand salience. •domain name selection and use contribute to a successful branding strategy. •Appreciate the distinctions, and different marketing demands, of companies with multiple brands. •Be conversant in how the flexibility and low-cost of online media can improve brand image, performance and crisis management. •Understand how online content can deepen a consumer’s brand relationship and help foster brand communities.

IUnderstanding the Modern Business of Branding
Challenges to traditional advertising raise concerns about the “chaos scenario” •Rapid decline in media effectiveness with no alternative vehicle •New technologies do not automatically solve the problem Integrating new media is integral to the value of a strong brand •Customer-based brand equity improves marketing efficiency •Online spending, especially for keyword search, is expanding •Web content and development central to online branding efforts •Improved multi-media technology increases effectiveness of online advertising and branding •Shifts in specialization and outsourced branding activities Linking branding strategy to online tactics

Part art, part science: the difficulty of measuring a campaign’s effect •Four key stages for establishing customer-based brand equity Establishing the right identity
Creating appropriate brand meaning
Eliciting the right brand responses
Forging appropriate customer brand relationships

IIEstablishing and Enhancing an Online Brand Presence
The goal of brand salience: when a brand is an automatic customer choice •Overcoming the problem of low click-through rates for online ads •Advertising at content sites that specialize in the brand’s category Why domain names matter, and how they are composed

Domain name strategies should reinforce branding, build traffic, and anticipate customer behaviors •Alternate domain names should help funnel traffic to the main site •Memorability counts, and simplicity can drive traffic

The problem of multiple brands
Companies with many products must determine brand architecture – whether to let each brand stand alone or under a broad umbrella A branded house: Virgin, BMW
A house of brands: Procter & Gamble, Toyota versus Lexus

IIICreating Brand Meaning Online
New media provides inexpensive methods to expand brand imagery •User profiles, purchase and usage situations, brand heritage all contribute Brand performance can be improved through flexibility of Web content •Recognizing the difference between passive consumers (“lean back” media users) and active customers online (“lean forward” media users) Unifying a brand’s message in a fractured media world

Driving consumer response
Steering users to Web content from traditional media offer deeper content, elaboration and reinforcement •Example: Apple Computer’s powerful “Switch” campaign Stemming a brand crisis through rapid online response

The Internet allows bad news to travel faster and remain archived longer The Internet also allows a quicker, more durable, response Forging brand relationships
Greater attachment to a brand means consumers are more likely to repurchase and refer new customers •Legacy drives brand connections, and multi-media content can keep a product’s storied history prominently...
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