Online Benefits and Hazards

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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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Jameela Mosley
November 16, 2011
Professor HengYi Chu
W2 Assignment 3

Online Shopping Benefits and Hazards
Retailer requires consumer savvy rather online or in the store. Online shopping is one thing I like to do. It is very convenience to me, and I can compare prices and brand, and it save you from fighting with the crowd. The hazards to online shopping is identity theft, shipping and handling charges, and some stores only let you return items online and not to the retail store. Online shopping is a billion dollar industry and is not going anywhere. It’s best to know the benefits and potential hazards before you get started shopping online.

The convenience to online shopping for me means I did not forget my mother birthday. I can shop all day and do not have to worry about what time the store close. I can look in more than one department without getting tried. I can shop on the sale racks and do not have to worry about things not being organized and the crowd pushing me down or out the way.

The second thing I like about shopping on-line is that I do not have to leave my house I can shop in the bed. I can avoid the rush hours, the traffic, and the awful parking during the holidays. The one thing that comes in handy is that the price of gas is up and it is better than driving around.

The third benefit is item comparison and price comparison. I can go to different retailers in less than an hour and find out who got the best deal or price. I love that I can compare products and see what brand will last longer, what is included, and a better quality for my buck. I will have to be careful because this can help unsolicited offers to pop-up.

The hazards to online shopping is identity theft, the internet is largely unregulated. I know the internet have disseminated information all over the computer system so people should be aware and careful about what they put on it. When I shop online I always make sure the retailer have a privacy...
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