Online Banking Application: Titan-Banking

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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CA 357 : HCI (Human Computer Interaction assessment)
Troy Cronin & Joshua Lamb

Application : Online Banking Account
Part 1

The online application we have chosen for this particular project is that of an online Internet banking application for a newly proposed bank company known as “Titan-Banking”.

The introduction of online banking applications has helped provide a convenient service to people on a global scale over the past number of decade. Online banking applications are available to everyone from post elementary graduates to pensioners and this facility has provided bank account users with online service platforms to carry out their financial management at any time from the comfort of their own homes. People can have their work pay checks deposited automatically into their accounts rather than waiting for a check to clear or obtain payments (cash into their hands). Internet banking offers a wide range of different services all of which are beneficial for consumers. In order for the online banking application to meet various consumer requirements’ the application should be dynamically sufficient to allow banking customers from different backgrounds to use the application with ease.

Context of use
• The online bank account service application is proposed be used by the general population for account management requirements and queries such as withdrawals, direct debits, bill management/checking and financial transfers. • Users of the bank account application will access their bank account details from the comfort of their own homes or when in transit. Remote access to their accounts through the Internet is appealing to anyone as it saves you the trouble of travelling to your local branch to view your financial details and carrying out transactions. Motivations for using the account will vary depending on the person using the application. For example students may choose to use the online account to view their college grant payments or part time work payments. Elderly users of the account will find the application useful for checking their pension plans and payments the ordinary worker can use • The evolution of the Internet has created a list of several new ways to conduct banking business. Some banks are now even Internet only banks and conduct their entire operations over the Internet unlike AIB & Bank Of Ireland which have both physical (brick&mortar) and web based services. • Online banking applications privileges bank customers by helping them avoid standing in queues for ATM’s or teller windows.

There are however some people who may not find the concept of Internet banking as easy as others which is mainly down to technology restrictions and computing skill levels. If we take a look at a sample comparison between student bank customers and elderly bank customers (people over the age of sixty five) there are numerous factors which affect each group’s use of a online bank account service. University students will be far more familiar with computing technologies and the concept of the Internet services as opposed to the pensioners who may not have ever used a computer before. The general population of students rely heavily on their bank accounts to manage their academic lifestyles therefore it is far more likely the use of an online bank account will fit into their daily life. New user friendly technology needs to be developed and put into practice to assist elderly people and their banking needs. People over the age of sixty five might require some level of computing training before they are even able to use a computer, if this is the case it’s extremely doubtful they will have a good level of knowledge for interacting with an online banking application. The availability of technology should also be considered here, as mentioned students should have access to PCs in university although a constraint for the elderly population might be that they do not own a computer or laptop....
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