Online Banking

Topics: Bank, Online banking, Requirements analysis Pages: 35 (10928 words) Published: May 20, 2013
1.0 Introduction5
1.2 Background5
1.3 Statement of the problem6
1.4 Objectives7
1.5 Purpose of the system7
2.1 Existing system8
2.2 History of Online Banking8
2.3 Definition of the Online Banking9
2.4 Online Banking18
2.4.1 Implementation19
2.4.2 Hardware and Software21
3.1 Methodology23
3.2 Software Requirements Specification23
3.3 Requirements Analysis24
3.3.1 Stakeholder identification25
3.3.2 Stakeholder interviews25
3.4 Software and tools26
4.1 Data gathering26
4.2 Design27
4.3 Database Design28
4.3.1 Database Web Application28
4.3.2 Database Table Overview29
4.4 Features of online banking32
4.5 Use case Diagrams32
4.5 Sequence Diagram34
4.6 Activity Diagram36
5.1 System Implementation40
5.2 Using the right tools, programming language, and technologies40 5.2.1 Using PHP40
5.2.2 Screen Shots and Explanation43
5.3 System Testing in Software Development47
5.3.1 Why do we test software?48
5.4 Goals and Types of Testing49
5.4.1 System Testing50
5.4.2 Component Testing52
5.4.3 Interface Testing53
5.5 Black box Testing53
5.6 Test Cases54
6.1 Conclusion56

List of Figures
Figure 1: overview of Online Banking System30
Figure 2: Use case diagram of Online Banking System36
Figure 3: Sequence diagram of Online Banking System38
Figure 4: Sequence diagram (Login)39
Figure 5: Activity diagram (create account)40
Figure 6: Activity diagram (login)40
Figure 7: Activity diagram (pay bills)41
Figure 8: Activity diagram (transfer)42
Figure 9: Activity diagram (top-up)42
Figure 10: Home Page47
Figure 11: Sign up Page48
Figure 12: successfully registered Page48
Figure 13: Login page49
Figure 14: User details after login49
Figure 15: Mobile Top up Page50
Figure 16: Pay bills51
Figure 17: Transfer Page51
Figure 18: general overview of software testing52

List of Tables
Table 1: Login32
Table 2: Transfer Limit32
Table 3: Transfer33
Table 4: Security Center33
Table 5: User Account34
Table 6: Use Case Diagram Summary38
Table 7: Different Testing Methods Incorporated in Software Engineering52
Table 8: Test Cases of Online banking System56


1.0 Introduction
Online-banking is the automated delivery of new and traditional banking products and services directly to customers through electronic, Interactive communication channels. Online-banking includes the systems that enable financial institution customers. Individuals or businesses, to access accounts, transact business, or obtain information on financial products and services through a public or private network including the Internet, Customers access online-banking services using an intelligent electronic device. Online Banking is one of the truly widespread avatars of E-Commerce the world over. 1.2 Background 

Safe and secure internet banking system means the provision of information about a bank and its services via a home page on the internet. Internet banking system provides customer access to accounts, the ability to make transaction between different accounts.  The main objective of this project, any user with a personal computer and browser can get connected to his bank service website to perform any transaction that he wishes.  In internet banking system the bank has a centralized database that is web enabled.  All the service that the bank branch permitted on the internet is displayed in the menu of the system.  It is believed that online banking began in 1995.  It was October 6 and presidential savings bank offered an alternative to the usual branch banking by offering on line access of bank services.  This opened the gates for banks solely...
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