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Project Proposal

Online Banking in general Askari Bank(in particular)

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Saad Majid SheikhDr. Ali Sajid
Nadia BabarProductivity Management
Khalid SajjadAkbarNIMS
Sohail Ashraf

November 25, 2001

Project Synopsis
In this age of Information Technology all the fields of life are being affected by new inventions and innovations. Almost all kind of organizations are steeping into the field of IT, in an effort to increase their productivity and expand their customer bank. Same goes for the Banking Sector. Today all the banks of the world are adopting the tool of On-Line Banking. Since it is the easiest way of banking yet lesser time consuming, the world has gone for it. The need of ON-LINE Banking was felt in south Asia during the last 5 to 7 years. This concept emerged as an essential for successful banking techniques. Although foreign banks were pioneers of bringing this concept to South-Asia but they have yet to commence On-Line banking in Pakistan. Seeing brighter future prospects, ASKARI Bank has taken the lead and stepped into this arena. Seeing their performance the group intends to look into this field to explore the pros and cons of this system of banking and how this setup can enhance overall nation’s productivity. Project Statement:

The group intends to work for Enhancement of productivity in particular and national service in general, with the focus on On-Line Banking. How do we foresee and look for the future prospects of On-Line banking to emerge or to play a front line role in enhancing the business activities and to facilitate faster yet easier banking transactions in Pakistan.


Project proposal – On-line Banking and Askari Bank4Research Objectives:4Research Vision4Prelude to Research4Mission Statement of the Project5METHODOLOGY OF THE RESEARCH5Introduction – ON-LINE BANKING A REVOLUTION6Banking Concept and its History7Aspects of Banking8Background - On-Line Banking9Forms of On-Line Banking10Internet Based Banking10Why On-Line Banking?10Deciding to Bank On-Line10On-Line Banking Advantages11Potential On-Line Banking Disadvantages11On-Line Banking Hints11Banking in Pakistan12On-Line Banking in Pakistan12ASKARI BANK13|

Project proposal – On-line Banking and Askari Bank
Research Objectives:
1The group has set forth the under mentioned objectives in conduct of the research: * To familiarize public with the subject of ON-LINE BANKING, enhance their keenness to remain abreast to the techniques and the modern trends of efficient banking, with an ultimate objective of TIME SAVING of customers and banks, thereof the time saved may be utilized in enhancement of productivity. * To induce healthy practices in banking business and profession and to advise suitable measures for their achievement. * To encourage and provide On-Line banking information and to offer education through project report contents to MBA students and consequently to national financial institutions. * To print and publish the report for provision to all whop are interested in the issue of On-Line banking. * To learn and get proficient in project handling and preparation with an ultimate aim of improving the productivity. Research Vision

2.Our Vision is to transform the time wasted in orthodox banking queues into a modern and dynamic method of accomplishing banking transactions from home/work places, thereby formulating virtual banking system in PAKISTAN. It is visualized to make people highly professional and efficient, fully equipped to play a meaningful role on sustainable basis in the economic and social development of Pakistan. Prelude to Research

3.The need of ON-LINE Banking was felt in south Asia during the last 5 to 7 years. This concept emerged as an essential for successful banking techniques. Although foreign banks were pioneers of bringing this concept to South-Asia but they...
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