Online Auction System

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Online Auctions


Software Requirements Specification
IEEE 830-1998 Standard

Authors: Simon Johnson, Aaron Jolly, Cameron Wills

SENG 2050 2004 Project- Milestone 2
System Requirements Specification
1. Introduction

2. Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective
2.2 System interfaces
2.2.1 user interfaces
2.2.2 Software interfaces
2.2.3 Hardware interfaces
2.2.4 Communications Interfaces
2.2.5 Memory constraints
2.2.6 Operations
2.2.7 Site adaptation Requirements
2.3 Product Functions
2.4 User Characteristics
2.5 Constraints
2.5.1 Policies and Regulations
2.5.2 Hardware Limitations
2.5.3 Other Applications
2.5.4 Higher-order language requirements
2.5.5 Safety and Security considerations
2.5.6 Other considerations
2.6 Assumptions and Dependencies
3.Specific Requirements (To be appended at a later date)

1. Introduction
1. Purpose
The purpose of this Software Requirements Specification is to outline in detail the requirements of the auction system proposal set forth by Newcastle2050 Co. Ltd.

The initial system specifications document does not supply sufficient information for constructing this detailed system. This document aims to clarify these requirements and provide a good reference for the software developers constructing the system to help ensure that the design and implementation stages are successful.

The intended audience for this requirements specification is the software developers of the auction system and the company Newcastle2050 Co. Ltd.

2. Scope
The “HammerTime” online auction system is being designed to facilitate online transactions between buyers and sellers from anywhere in Australia.

The basic premise of this system is that anyone in Australia with an internet connection and a basic knowledge of computing will be able to not only shop for items on this auction website but also set up their own online auctions with ease. The system must therefore have an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

The system will be developed using server-side pages in order to increase compatibility with various systems. The only operating system that the system will be tested under is Microsoft Windows, however it is expected that any system with a standard web browser will be compatible with the system.

Newcastle2050 Co. Ltd aims to set itself apart from the other available auction sites by being the trusted third party for all transactions through the service. This essentially means that buyers and sellers can utilise the system with confidence and not have to be concerned about issues such as non-paying bidders and faulty products.

System administrators at Newcastle2050 Co. Ltd. will closely monitor the system and ensure that all auctions are run legally and within the conditions set down by the company, amongst other things.

1.3 Definitions
The following acronyms are used throughout this document:

|Acronym |Definition | |HT |“HammerTime” – the name of the auction system | |TCP/IP |Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol | |JDK |Java Development Kit | |N2050 |Newcastle2050 Co. Ltd. | |FTP |File Transfer Protocol | |JSP |Java Server Page | |XML...
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