Online Auction

Topics: EBay, Auction, Electronic commerce Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Online Auctions
Jermaine Allen
Xbis 219
January 25, 2013
Julia Kennedy

Online Auctions

E-bay is an online marketplace where people come together to purchase and sell merchandise. Th3e way that it works is that the seller places an item on e-bay and it is up to the seller to accept bids only another thing that they can do is offer the Buy It Now option, which is basically a price that is set in place from the seller. The seller can have a choice to choose both options if they like. The Buy It Now option allows the potential buyer to buy the item without having to go through and win the auction. The seller has the right to specify what the price should be to open the bids and how many days an item is allowed to be bided on. Potential buyers then place their bids on the merchandise and when the listing comes to an ends the potential buyer with the highest bid wins. The person who is selling the items then prints off labels and is responsible for getting the merchandise in the mail or they can take the merchandise to the post office to get mailed or go through a place like Fed ex or UPS. There are many advantages that I see with small scale-sellers and large-scale sellers they are: eBay is a quick and easy way to sell merchandise. The advertising is done in front of the computer which takes place in the privacy of one’s own home or business place, and payments are done through PayPal which is safe and secure. However there are disadvantage and that is paying the fees that goes along with selling on eBay. Based on the information that I have learned if I wanted to start an e-tail business I would use eBay for many different reasons. The first one is that eBay is a quick way to sell merchandise. Second, eBay is easy to use and has helpful videos, links, and information to guide one through it. Third, eBay reaches a wide range of people. Finally, eBay allows its potential buyers to use PayPal which is safe and secure way to purchase items on line. The...
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