Online Auction

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Online Auction

Ebay is a very good system for people and companies that want to remove the retailers. Ebay is set up like an auction. You have to make bids the same way as an auction. The difference is that Ebay is online and people from all over the world can see the items that are for sale. The item seller posts a photo or photos of whatever item that they are trying to sell and they then set up an Ebay account. Then the person goes through Ebay’s guided menus and adds the information in along with the price they want to sell the item for. The people bid on the item and the highest bid wins when the bidding is over. Small scale sellers face a disadvantage of not being able to sell an item under the buy it now price option and have to wait for buyers who may or may not want to purchase the item for that price. Another disadvantage is people do not want to and are very careful when purchasing from people with little or no feedback. For larger scale sellers; having negative feedback could make a buyer extremely hesitant to buy from them. Larger scale sellers have access to a lot more features and they also may appear in online searches while using Google. The more sales a seller makes the more features become available. I am currently a buyer on Ebay. I am also thinking about using Ebay to sell a few things myself. I would definitely be using Ebay to E-tail my own business. I believe that this is the best way to sell items because you can avoid a lot of different costs that you encounter by selling through someone else’s store or business. Ebay is a very popular website also. The sellers can sale items and get what they ask for or maybe more if the bids go well.

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