Online Admission Processing System

Topics: Computer, Computing, Software engineering Pages: 21 (5078 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Admission of students into university is an indispensable activity in every educational system. It is as old as education itself. At Caritas University, enrollment of more students into the school over the past few years have steadily increased the demand on the admission office. More applications resulted in heavier paper work and processing challenges. Every admission was routed through various departments for evaluation, and a manual admission process caused difficulty in admission processing and archiving. In order to speed up and simplify the admission process, the development of automated student admission processing system was proposed to enact document redesign and automated management program. This computer based technology has promising prospect facilities for educational institutions in order to enhance the admission process. The demand for a computer- based student admission processing system in a large number of universities worldwide, is a growing necessity. The proposed online admission processing system would store, route and retrieve prospective and current application documents. The electronically designed system does not only enhance the university’s document management, but also allow admission decision to be made faster and more efficiently.

The aims and objectives of the study is to:
Effectively and efficiently process students admission
Alleviate problems with the application process and record keeping. Enhance the university document management
Allow admission decisions to be made faster and more efficiently Gain easy access to students record
Help the management in the effective distribution of information Reduce queuing up of students during admission
Provide easy retrieval of students data
Alleviate computational error of student result.
The scope of this study is centered on designing and automated and web-based application software for student admission processing. The system is strictly based on students application process, record keeping, displaying of result and processing of documents.

Viewing critically the inefficiencies in the manual student admission processing system presently used in Caritas University, the need to develop and implement computer based admission processing system that will handle such inefficiencies cannot be over emphasized.

Admission: The process of accepting students for study at a university. Processing: To deal with somebody or something according to an established procedure System: Set of computer components i.e in assembly of computer Hardware, Software and peripherals functioning together. Computerized: Convert to computer – based system to install or start using a computer system to organize, control, or automate something. Automation: The replacement of human workers by technology; A system in which a workplace or process has been converted to one that replaced or ministries human labour with electronic or mechanical equipment. Online: Connected via computer attached to or available via a central computer or computer network. Offline: Disconnected from computer Network; Describes a computer terminal or peripheral device that is disconnected or is functioning separately from associated computer or computer network. Web: A complex structure, or design www: computer-based network of information resources that combines text and multimedia. The information on the www can be accessing and search through the internet, a global computer network. Database: Any collection of data organized for storage in a computer memory and designed for easy access by authorized users. Database Update: This simply means applying and maintaining changes on a database after data must have been added, removed or modified System Administrator: This is a...
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