Online Account System in School Cashier

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Chapter 1
THE PROBLEM: Its Background and Setting
Nowadays, companies becoming more competent as time pass. Anytime from now a new strategy, technology and discoveries may come up just for them to gain much profit.
together with this progression is the appearance of the
Unnecessary things occurs in the facilities of the
companies or institution such as the malfunctioning of
equipments, theft or permanent. Having a weak and
ineffective monitoring system or sometimes lack of it
causes this certain problem to become worst. The monitoring
system which is pertaining to the record of the company’s
The System shall be established at the DALC Ventures Inc. At Department of a College of Computer Studies.


There are several factors the researchers considered before thedevelopment to the system. this includes the availability of materials; the ability of the developers,
the company that the system shall be implementing, etc
together with this is the most significant of all, which
trigger us to work for the system.
Unless the problem as identified solution cannot be formulated. the researcher had these questions regarding issues that made us possible to start the study. 1. How does the manual method of Lending System transact Faster and Reliable? 2. How can the company monitor the facilities inside?

3. How can the company obtain secured record of Lending Transactions?


The study will be a big help for the DALC. First, it uplifts the quality of service they give to the students particularly the transactionregarding the lending of equipments. It gives an accurate outputbased on the intended functions of the system. It avoids confusion on the user regarding the process of lending and avoid

unintended swap of records.
On manual method, there is a tendency of unintentional exchange of student information. Finally, FIS will somehow lessen the school’s expenses regarding the purchase of new equipments o repairing. For the system has the ability to trace student who possibly the cause of the facility damage and charge them according to what is proper. Furthermore, the Facility Inventory System is provided with a user-friendly interface and is applicable in mos business establishment and schools in the city.


The concept of the system is slightly similar to the student information system. New features and functions were added and created the Facility Inventory System. FIS is pretty different from the mere manual method of Lending system that uses a pen and a paper. FIS works functionally through its given features. 1. Inputs student number through keyboard. Provides fastand accurate output for queries regarding student information system and the facility record. 2. Record facilities status.

3. Password-secured program
4. Records students with the corresponding lending transaction(s) Its features determine its scope and address the functions. Nevertheless, the s ystem has the boundaries wherein it can only perform these given tasks. Outside its scope lie the limitations as FIS has: 1. Cannot restore deleted records.

2. Unable to fix damage facilities (literal)

Study the figure on the previous page as it shows the top level Data Flow Diagram of the facility Inventory System. The user has the absolute control over the system. The Information System searches the database for records wherein the IT hold all the Information about the student, the facilities and the transaction mode. The Inventory system is the main program for the Facility Inventory System and Monitor System is the feedback the user needed to monitor the facilities status. Each line represents the direction where the process takes place.

FIS, a system that will be created for some reasons has an excellent purpose. the reason behind its development is very bright anddefinitely beneficial....
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