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Campus Journalism- A Better Understanding


Hello students! Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! How are you? Kong Hei Fat Choi in advance! ( Am I expecting for a couple of moon cake and tikoy to be delivered in our house? HEHE. Just kidding! Anyways, I am sure everybody would love this year’s Chinese New Year Celebration because it was already declared by President Aquino as National Holiday! And take note, holiday means NO C-L-A-S-S-E-S! Thank God! ( Stress free faces even for a day ( but of course, there are always those exemptions—having heavy load of assignments huh? (Unfortunately)). Do you agree with me?

This is our first meeting online and I am looking forward for a little bit introduction of yourselves for our class profile. Of course, basic information is a must. You can also include your hobbies, interests,current work ( if you are a student perhaps you can include your year and course) and other trivias about yourselves.I’ll read your sharing as we go along with our lesson.

Don’t worry, I’ll share something about myself too as we move on. (

Our course is all about the basics in Campus Journalism. We will learn about News Writing, Feature Writing, Editorial/Opinion Writing, Editorial Cartooning and Literary writing which includes poem and short story writing. We will also tackle the hottesst issues local and abroad.It may sound complicated at first glancebut once you are in the writing situation, you may think of it just like a piece of cake. All you just need is the PASSION in writing.

When I was in my first year in College during our English 2-Writing in the discipline subject, I can still remember the question of our Instructor, “Are writers made or born?” It made me think for a while. But after my long and deep thinking, I managed to answer the question.

I would love to know your opinion too. Are writers really made or born? I’ll read your answers as we move on with our lesson.

The lesson that we will discuss will focus on Campus Journalism in general. You are expected that at the end of the lesson you will:

a. Define Campus Journalism.
b. Explain why a Campus Journalist should be responsible in his/her writings. c. Enumerate the different Dos and Don’ts in Campus Journalism. d. Discuss the Journalism Creed.
e. Reflect on the importance of Campus Journalism in the society. f. Describe the qualities a Campus Journalist should possess. g. Display interest in writing as well as criticizing an article.

I hope you will be able to achieve these objectives. I know you can. You just need to be patient, to be open-minded and to be realistic. Open your hearts to reality and you will see the beauty in writing.


Campus Journalism is basically defined as “that enjoyable activity of the staff of the campus paper in collecting, organizing and presenting news, writing editorials, columns, features, and literary articles, taking pictures, cartooning, copy reading, proofreading, dummying & writing headlines”. The Campus Journalism Act of 1991 in the Philippines is perhaps one of the strongest laws protecting the rights of the youth, particularly student journalists, and preserving the integrity of student publications. However, in many cases, many institutions do not follow these rules, or balatantly disobeys the law. And we cannot blame them; being owners of the institutions editors belong to, they believe that they must have complete control over the publications, even if the law provides otherwise. I would want my opinion to be taken hypothetically. There are many advantages to a free student publication: First, it trains the students on journalism and provides an avenue to concretely practice truth,...
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