One World Government

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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Many great leaders and very powerful men have tried in the past to bring the entire world under the control of one governing body. All of these attempts have been unsuccessful so far, but during our present time it is becoming more achievable. Organizations such as the Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones society have been in positions of power for hundreds of years, the process of globalism and international governing organizations are gaining power. In the present time period, opportunities for a one world government to come into power are now in place. Using slow and progressive techniques a one word government could form without the people of the world even noticing until it was in place

The Illuminati, a very secret organization of “freethinkers” was formed in 1776 in Germany. In 1785 the Bavarian (German) government tried to destroy the organization claiming they planned to overthrow monarchies of the world, but the organization had branched out over Europe and survived. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati have been plotting a new world order since their conception and have been behind events including the American, French, and Russian revolutions. The Illuminati are also a very wealthy organization and it is believed that they could take over the world by method of financial control. The reported members of this organization have all been in a powerful position or have large financial backing, in modern times and the origins of the organization.

Founding Fathers of the United States, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were believed to be members of the society known as the Freemasons. Some people known as “Anti-Masons” believe that the high ranking members of the Freemason society are conspiring to bring upon a New World Order. The Freemason principles largely overlap with those of the Illuminati and it is thought that the Illuminati control the Freemasons. Some theories include the joining together of the...
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