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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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COMMON THEMES FOR CAUSE-EFFECT ESSAYS In Progress Tests and IELTS exams, certain themes, such as education, the environment, and family, health, and technology/the media, among others, are common. You should learn key words and points associated with them so that, in an exam situation, you always have something to write! EDUCATION High school dropouts Causes (why?) • need to make money (get a job) • find subjects too difficult or boring • can’t afford school fees • want to get married • family problems ENVIRONMENT FAMILY Global warming Divorce Causes (why?) Causes (why?) • overpopulation (more • communication cars and use of problems resources) • family problems (e.g. with father or mother• more industries (factories) in-law) • burning of fossil fuels • lack of money • deforestation • having no children • modern/changing • spousal abuse lifestyle • one partner is cheating • hole in the ozone layer • partners get bored with each other HEALTH Obesity Causes (why?) • change in life style (sedentary, lack of exercise) • poor diet (e.g. fast food or eating too much) • feeling you must eat everything on your plate or at a certain time even if you are not hungry • hereditary factors (parents also obese) or certain illnesses TECHNOLOGY/MEDIA Overuse of internet Causes (why?) • addiction • a lot of free time • entertainment (eg chat lines are appealing) • informative (many subjects available) • internet use may be required for school courses • easy communication method (way to connect with friends) • lack of a daily routine or schedule • easily available Effects (what?) Effects (what?) • poor health (high • waste time blood pressure, heart • become more careless disease, diabetes and inattentive, lose ability to be • lower self-esteem independent • difficult to find clothes that fit • health problems (obesity, eye • limited employment problems, back pain, (hard to get a job) RSI) • economic (hospitals • become antisocial need more money and overweight person • learn bad...
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