One Wish in Life: a Brief Reflection

Topics: Wish, Need, Want Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: March 18, 2011
It is very clear that everyone has wants, desires and wishes. Their wishes might be to obtain things, that which is very common; or to be with a special person, for the helpless romantics; or for unbelievable stuffs which include time travelling gadgets, special powers and the Elixir of Life. Wishing for these things is not bad; though wishing for bad things to happen is bad, wishing in itself is not. In fact, wishing adds more spice in life. Isn't it exciting to know that there is a possibility for your wish to come true?

People may ask, "What good would it be to tire oneself in the uncertainty of waiting for a wish to come true?" Yes, I agree that we would tire ourselves in waiting for a wish which is uncertain to come true; yet we do gain something in the wait. The wait impels us to work hard so that our wish would come true. A very concrete example is a student who struggles hard in his study for the realization of his wish, which is to be a successful professional. If you do not think like this then you are either lethargic or autistic. So, wishes and inspirations are those which lift the fallen, inspire the discouraged, and give life back to those who are dead in their pains and regrets.

Your wish can either be for yourself or for others. Wishing something for yourself might be selfish but we do have our own desires and needs. If you wish for others then it is quite noble for you to think of others before yourself. Only a few are willing to give up what they want for the sake of others. If you are sensible to yourself and to others then why not wish for something that benefits all. It is possible.

If I am asked what my greatest wish in life then I would tell them that I wish to be with my family. I admit that there are things that I want to possess. I admit that there is a special someone I want to be with. And I admit that I could have wished for a special power. But none of these is able to replace my family; because my family is one of God's...
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