One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: McMurphy

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  • Published : July 1, 2006
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One who flew over the coco nest?

What does chief mean when he says " your a lot stronger then me" to mcmurphy

When chief says to McMurphy " you're a lot stronger then me" what does chief mean by that. Is he trying to saying that McMurphy is bigger and stronger then him or taller or maybe it something that the chief doesn't have.

One who flew over the coco nest, Mcmurphy is not a tall man he is not a prerectal stronger either. But chief is much the opposite his nearly 7 foot tall, his a extremely strong. Then why would chief say that he is stronger then mcmurphy?

Mcmurphy and the patients at the mental intuition he makes them feel better about themselves, like they were before they came into the intuition. Mcmurphy gave them confidence and be not afraid to stand up to nurse ratchet.

Chief didn't talk to anyone at the intuition except Mcmurphy and it took him awhile for him to talk to Mcmurphy, Maybe because chief was mentally strong enough to talk to anyone, because he was scared.

That's what chief meant by Mcmurphy is a lot stronger then he is, he is mentally stronger. He has the strength the leave anytime he wants because his confident of what's his going to do on the outside world and he hasn't be destroyed by nurse ratchet. Nurse ratchet has made to think that they cant' survive in the outside world they, they are not right to be in the outside world until they are mentally right again. But nurse ratchet has made such a miss of them that they can't do any of it they are to afraid to go against her rules when Mcmurphy isn't around.

So chief isn't ready to leave because his not "mentally" strong and Mcmurphy is, now when Mcmurphy comes back at night with the two people that work at the intuition and put him in bed after him having that surgery of how they take parts of your brain out so your still living you just can't do anything (in other words his a chronic). Then when chief goes up to Mcmurphy and says he is ready to leave he can do it...
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