One to One Marketing

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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|拟研究的内容、思路与重点(英文): | |The Successful Application of "One-to-one Marketing" in Dell and Its Implications on Chinese Enterprises' Marketing Strategy | |Introduction | |In the 21st century, achieving the goal of generating profitable revenue for enterprises has become increasingly difficult, and there | |have been very few effective methods that improve the marketing and selling process until recently. The current economic situation makes| |it’s more critical than ever to improve the efficiency of a company’s marketing and sales operations. But "one-to-one" marketing can | |solve the problems effectively that emerging in Chinese market, the problems of flattening distribution network and conflicts of | |distribution channels.更多还原 | |The paper first illustrates the concept and composition of One-to-one Marketing, then it combines vivid examples of the Dell, introduces| |many successful experience of Dell, and illuminates the questions and barriers in the process of Chinese enterprises' marketing. At | |last, combining with the status and problems of Chinese enterprises' Marketing, it brings forward some suggestions and countermeasures | |for our enterprise to bring One-to-one marketing into effect, and draw out some conclusions. | |I. Basic Concept of One-to-one Marketing | |1.1 Meaning of One-to-one Marketing | |1.2 Idea of CRM in One-to-one Marketing...
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