One Strike and You Are Out. Athletes Caught Using Illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Given a Life Time Ban.

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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One strike and you are out. Athletes caught using illegal performance enhancing drugs should be given a life time ban.

Athletes caught with illegal performance enhancing drugs should be given a life time ban. Performance enhancing drugs is used for increasing your skills and ability. It helps you become strong in no time and without any pressure but athletes with drugs can lead to serious health problems and can ruin the importance of sport. These drugs can benefit athletes and harm them at the same time. Athletes who use drugs in sport make their lives much easier. It helps boosts up their concentration to think and react quickly to objects such as hitting the ball in time when playing tennis. What is wrong with taking drugs? They’re everywhere. Every athlete is using it so why should others stop? Some female athletes may use these drugs to take advantage when competing against male athletes. Drugs improve their physical performance. Performance enhancing drugs are shortcuts to achievement that isn't time consuming. Drugs such as steroids help them become strong instantly without any hard workouts. This can help athletes to do something else rather than practising training. Drugs help athlete win competitions at low stress level which helps them become relaxed and calm. Some may use to make their country known worldwide. Who would want to disgrace their country? Performance enhancing drugs can be used to comfort athletes from workout. When an athlete uses drugs and gets caught they shouldn’t be given a life time ban, instead they should be given a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance because everyone makes mistakes in life. No one is perfect. This can give time for athletes who use drugs to think carefully if they ever use illegal drugs in sport again. Athletes who use drugs after the second chance should be given a lifetime ban. On the other hand, athletes who are using drugs ruin the aspects of sport. Sport is a game play of your own skills...
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