One-Stop-Shopping Centre

Topics: Undergraduate education, Conclusion Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Key findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

1. Key findings

2.1. Usage of the One-Stop Shopping Centre from undergraduate students

As it is shown on the chart undergraduate students who participated in the research use the One-Stop Shopping Centre (OSSC) mainly for grocery shopping (ASDA). Students also find the home and technology stores in the centre convenient as well as doing their banking. Only 2% are using the clothing outlets at the OSSC. 60% of the respondents visiting the OSSC are spending around half an hour in it (Appendices, Data tables, Q4). Also, females tend to visit the centre more often, at least once a week (Appendices, Data tables, Q3). 2.2. Perception and attitudes towards the OSSC

The small data research shows that undergraduate students are mostly satisfied with the stores, services, location and range of goods provided by the OSSC but 35% are fairly unpleased by the student discounts and promotions the retail development offers(Appendices, Data Tables, Q6).

From the collected data and the chart above it is visible that the OSSC has a positive image according to undergraduates, who mainly describe it as ‘Friendly’ and ‘Lively’. Would you recommend the OSSC to friends?| |

Yes| 75%|
No| 25%|

75% of the participants in the survey would recommend the centre to their friends (as shown on the table). 45% think the centre can be improved by including some new stores or facilities (Appendices, Data tables, Q7). 2. Conclusions

From the finding section and the collected data, conclusions that are relevant to the marketing decision-making process can be drawn. Primarily, only one of the respondents uses the fashion and clothing stores which suggests these facilities are not responding to undergraduate students needs either because they are outdated or not suitable for young people. Another conclusion that can be made is the OSSC does not offer satisfactory discounts and promotions for students, so the...
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