One Small Lie Can Turn Into One Big Problem

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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One Small Lie Can Turn Into One Big Problem

In my personal experiences, lying does not seem very appealing. I had to learn the hard way just how much of a negative effect a simple lie can have on a person. From all of my experiences of lying and seeing lies occur, or hearing stories of someone lying, I have learned that there really is no point in lying. One small lie you tell someone could cause many different outcomes. Whether it’s just a small fabrication or a huge fallacy, or even if it seems all right in the beginning, the outcome will usually always have a negative effect, with some exceptions.

My first example of a lie is a lie I made myself when I was ten years old. Even though I have always been a big athlete throughout my whole life, I have also always been a huge science fiction fan. I’ve always been fascinated with “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” “Lord of the Rings” and everything else in that genre. One day my younger brother and I decided to reenact a Star Wars’ battle in our basement. He grabbed a hockey stick and the closest thing that I found was my father’s house broom. I thought “What’s the worst that could happen?” I grabbed the broom and went to battle. Eventually this friendly battle got pretty violent and I ended up snapping the broom in half! My brother and I both stopped and stared in disbelief, until I heard his little annoying voice saying “You’re going to be in so much trouble!” I quickly said “No way, when was the last time Mom or Dad wanted to clean the basement? Who cares, I’m fine.” I then proceeded to hide the broken broom under many different things and we went upstairs to go play outside. Then months and months went by until I ended up completely forgetting about that dumb old broom. Then one day my Father was in the basement and asked me to come down and help him clean. I came down the stairs and we spent a good hour and a half cleaning. The basement looked great, except the floor seemed pretty dusty. My dad said, “Grab the...
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