One Should Never Judge a Person by External Appearances

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? One should never judge a person by external appearances. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer I do agree with the fact that you should not be affected by the appearance of a person. Transcendentalism also confirms the above idea. There are three main reasons that we should not decide to do something according to his/her appearance; First, it may lead to a misjudgment about that person. Second is the fact of differences between appearance and one's real personality. Finally, it may make you ashamed!

The external appearance of a person who you are facing with may misguide you. That will lead to a misjudgment from your side. I would like to explain one of my memories.  In our country, most of the religious men have a beard and mustache.  One of my customers, who had a long black mustache, came to our office one day.  As I do not like religious persons, I declined to accept his inquiry.  After one year, I have been informed by one of my friends that he was not a religious person. On the other words, I was misguided by considering just his appearance. Furthermore, there are definitely some differences between appearance and one's characteristic.  For instance, in a short chapter, one may be seen as a truly rude person although you may find him/her so kind through a deep case studying.  At the other side, you may be put to shame if you judge just according to external appearance of someone. Once, one of our teachers in the elementary school described one of his experiences. According to his story, he saw a man wearing a poor cloths on the street. He decided to give him some money in order to help him as he was thinking that the man is really in need of that. When the man denied to accept the money, the teacher felt ashamed ! Considering the above, I come to this conclusion that you should never make a decision to do something against a person with who you are not completely familiar...
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