One Recovering Addicts Experiences

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Carmel Smiley

The Autobiographical Learning Paper

EX-PY 201 Adult Development and Life Assessment

Ronald F. Smedley

March 22, 2012

No one chooses to become an addict. We suffer from a disease that manifests itself in ways that make detection, diagnosis and treatment difficult. The use of drugs had cuts us off from the outside world. Our capacity to feel human was lost, living skills reduced, and our spirit broken. During a session with a substance abuse counselor I learned that I’m responsible for my on recovery. His recommendation was to try narcotics anonymous program. I learned by practicing the twelve steps, and the twelve traditions, recovery is possible. . It is important to practice all the twelvw steps and twelve tradition of narcotics anonymous, it is essential that you master the first three steps I now have eight years of clean time through the grace of god and my higher power. Practising the twelve steps and the twelve tradition I now have eight years of clean time. I nowo have eight years of clean time no one is responsible for my recovery ng skills are reduced and spirits broken. The capacity to feel human is lost. When I started counseling with a substance abuse counselor I learned that I was responsible for my recovery. The narcotic anonymous program was a guide for me to successful recovery from my addiction. It has been 8 years since I became clean. In the Narcotics Anonymous program, I learned a new way of living. By use of the three basic spiritual principle of honesty, open –mindedness, and willingness I have been able to stay clean.

Step one: WE address the obsession, the compulsion, the denial, determining a spiritual void. I admitted that I was powerless over my addiction and my life had become unmanageable. Denial is part of our disease to acknowledge reality of what our life had become. In order to begin my recovery process I must start to practice the first’s spiritual principle honesty. Which had to replaces denial before I could face the truth of my addiction. Surrendering, honesty and acceptance are faithful practiced will transform our perception and the way we live our life. Acceptance of our addiction I gain the hope of recovery. I began to let go of my doubts. Surrender involved letting go of all reservations about recovery and being willing to try a different approach to living life.

Life Events of a person can provide growth the life event are dived in two part one indivuals

Cultural. Recovering from drug addiction is a life eventthe dis oriented coping mechanism occurs when join narcotics anonymous and learn a new way to live.

The Circular Rule can be applied to the first step of a recovering addict. Transitional phase of addicts life when your powerless, life unmanageable. Our life is falling apart. Beggaring the narcotic anonymous program you’re seeking renewal of life. The internal renewal begins with surrendering and, honesty. This starts anew beginning, external change with honesty and acceptance you new dreams and plans to find a new way of life (Hudson, 2011).

In this transitional period of recovery narcotics anonymous program can help an indivuals cope with their strengths in attending meeting sharing listening to other addicts stories and how that dealt with the situation, identify weakness by learning what may trigger the urge or thought of using drugs, and steps to take when this obsession occurs not to complete the act by using the resource calling another member in the program. Narcotic anonymous high recommends that you get a sponsor which is an important aspect support system and help with planning your road to recover.

Now that we have surrendered this leave us with a feeling and belief that we can recover and this gives us hope. We now can...
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