One Person Lit Paper

Topics: White people, Black people, South Africa Pages: 4 (1609 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Power of One

Interesting movie filled with racial discrimination, class warfare, poverty and social justice. Interpretation of the movie appeared to be honest without demonstrating bias or favoring a particular class or race. This movie was set in South Africa. It was about a young white British boy named PK. PK was the son of a British born woman and a father that recently passed away. They lived on a farm and had black workers and a nanny to care for PK. The movie demonstrated that the relationship between PK family and the workers family was a nurturing, close and loving relationship, filled with laughter and hugs. The movie also showed that PK was breastfed by the nanny which inherently leads to the mother/son closeness. The author demonstrates non racism as we watched Pk and the nanny’s son Tondera playing and growing up with one another, like brothers, even with the South Africa ruling of apartheid. Apartheid did not only exist in Africa by separating the colored from the whites but the different colored tribes from each other. Therefore a relationship like the one displayed in the beginning of PK life was unusual. As PK mother has a nervous breakdown after all of her cattle died from the plague, she thought it would be best to have her son attend a boarding school and leave the poverty and plague ridden farm they had been living on. PK attended a boarding school and appeared to be the only boy of British decent. All of the other boys were of African/white decent. PK was bullied, abused and mistreated because he was British. As the abuse continued, the type of abuse increased like urinating on him. The ring leader, Pisskop, an older boy, was the judge and jury of the pack of boys. What he said went and Pk was very afraid of him. This led PK to wet his bed at night to avoid the baths so the older boys would not confront him. During this time, PKs mother falls ill and dies. When he goes home for the funeral, PK tells his nanny what was...
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