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Topics: Finance, Investment, Concept Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Unit 10 Writing Assignment
Professor Taylor
MT217: Finance
Lawanda Brown
March 22, 2013

Since taking MT217: Finance I have learned a lot of important concepts that will help me in my personal life as well as my upcoming business career. These concepts consists of basically everything learned throughout the term. The techniques used in making personal and corporate decisions such as how to analyze time value money, financial statements, interest rates on loans; for example when I bought my car I didn’t realize that paying monthly only a small portion went toward the payment but a large portion went to the interest. I found out that the interest occurs monthly and the sooner something the vehicle is paid the less interest will have to be paid toward the loan. Another concept is the negotiating process. I have gained incite that you never go with the first offer and search around, also that while negotiating you must have the power and take the lead.

This course has affected me in my professional develop by giving me important steps to take when it comes to investing, financial statements, and interest when working in the Business Administration field. Not only this course but the Professor Taylor have encourage me to strive for what I want as well as never giving up and asking questions if there is something that I don’t understand. Another key concept is to listen good to what’s being taught to understand what is being address. This course have not only enlighten me on the concepts but opened up my eyes and help me with my personal business such as; balancing my check book, bills, and the most important thing is saving. I feel convenient in entering the Business world as an administration with this course and the other courses that I have accomplished this far in my career. If anyone feels that they can’t do something the only thing they should do is sit back and analyze the problem and take the situation step by step and at the end they will become...
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