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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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“Why I’m suing Georgia over immigration law” was on the CNN website written by Paul W. Bridges. In this article, the author was strongly against a new immigration law, HB 87, which was signed May of this year by Republican Gov. Nathan Deal. In this law, it allows Georgia police to demand anyone who is suspected by police to show proof of citizenship. If people do not take an approved form of identification, they have to be detained. Worse, the government would also penalty for anyone who knowingly harbors or transports an undocumented immigrant. The author considered that this immigration law seriously influences people’s livelihood life, and gave some examples to support his opinions.

In my opinion, this law excessive intrusion people’s rights. It influences friendship, works, living, even food. People will fear to ask for help to police and government because they do not know if the people around them are illegal or not. Although there are some people who come from many countries live illegally in Georgia, they also contribute to the society and did not do anything that violate to the law. Moreover, American people, sometimes, rely on the illegal people because they can do anything that nobody likes to do. I think this immigration law cannot be executed; otherwise, this state will become a horrific place where people cannot live here anymore.

This law has no benefits and is impossible to execute because most citizen will not collaborate with government. The government should cancel this unfired law immediately. However, I think the government should control the import population of illegal people instead of seizing anybody who harbors or transports an undocumented immigrant because American citizens cannot live without the person who can do the works for them.

Bridges, W. Paul. “Why I’m Suing Georgia over Immigration Law” 20 June. 2011: 31 October. 2011 <>
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