One Out of Many

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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Identity Issue
“One Out of Many” portrays the life of an Indian cook who is employed by a governmental worker. The cook, Santosh was given the opportunity to serve his employer by going with him to Washington. Once landing and getting off the plane in America he is told by his boss that he represents him and his country. Throughout the story Santosh is reminded of what he represents and shows confusion regarding his identity and culture. Santoshs felt uncomfortable while on the plane and thought that everyone looked aweful in appearance. What they [Americans] were wearing was something that Santosh would wear to a family wedding. There was a time when he would be able to walk into a café in Bombay barefoot and get service. Not in America, because he wasn’t wearing shoe he was told to leave the café. Soon after that incident Santosh wanted to go back to India were everything seemed normal. Where he’s from and where he is now is a culture shock to Santosh and is making him question his idenity. It’s not until he meets this Hubshi women at the supermarket that makes Santosh slowly assimilate the American culture. As he identifies himself, he realizes that he is changing. He first see’s that he is obsessed with his appearance and that he is always looking into the mirror. Santosh now feels that he has won by getting into the society of Washington and doesn’t want to leave. He feels that he is equal with the people from Washington and not the outsider from India.
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