One on One

One On One

One early quiet summer on a somber morning in my village. Everybody in the village heard our goat crying. “Help! A neighbor screamed at the top of her voice.
The animal cried as the Tiger jumped from one goat to another goat. My Dad rushed to the cries. When my father finally arrived, he saw many of our goats lying dead and the other so scare they try to jump over the fence. My father was so angry and melancholy. “Help me kill this tiger,” said my father.

“It is a sacrilege to kill a tiger according to our family rules.” Said Othello one of the elder. They left my father standing beside the dead animals. The next day, my father made me a watchman for the animals. I was told to sit in the mud hand build house and watch the goats from the tiny window. It’s coming again I shouted as the tiger was approaching our goat for the second time. “Where is it?” My father yelled back.

Hearing a grown man’s voice, the tiger disappeared into the tall thick grass. My father tracked its paws marks and saw that the tiger wasn’t going anywhere far, but just circling around the village from one bush to another. My grandmother locked the young kids in the mud house. Only my older brother Ayellor and my father Joseph were outside. “You ready son?” Said my Dad to my brother.

“I don’t think you and I can take this tiger down by ourselves papa.” In a split second, the tiger came rushing toward my father. My father throw his spear missing the tiger but split the tiger’s right ear. The tiger did not stop he keep rushing with his teeth wide open toward my father. Once the tiger got close, he leaped up and into him and dropped my father flat to the ground. My father lay flat on the ground with both hands around the tiger’s neck and the tiger’s paws stuck into his chest. They both stared at each other eyes. The tiger open his mouth wide ready to bite my father. You can see the slippery saliva dripping into my father’s face. My brother was awe, shock...
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