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Washington is nationally recognized for its e-government solutions, K-12 educational network, and information-based economic development strategy. This year, for the third year in a row, the state was named the most ‘technically advanced’ in the Digital State survey.6 Among the state’s key achievements was the creation of a short-range, e-government planning process designed to keep pace with quick-changing Web technology.

“We have committed ourselves to producing a plan which can be accepted or adopted by the state every six months,” said Steve Kolodney, director of Washington’s Department of Information Services. “We published a plan in January, and we completed it in June. We will have another six-month plan in September.”

· The State of Virginia has required all Commonwealth agencies to develop Internet strategies and provide state government forms over the Web* by the end of 2000. Virginia’s “Internet Policy Framework” is a series of “Internet Economy enabling” laws specifying guidelines for privacy, defining Internet crimes and providing for freedom of information, among other topics. The state’s IT governance model is unique, with the first cabinet-level Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the U.S. responsible for internal IT operations and external economic development. · The State of Utah’s “Digital State” legislation mandates that most government services are made available over the Internet by July 1, 2002. Utah was one of the first states to enact a digital signature law and is currently considering legislation to make the Department of Motor Vehicles responsible for authenticating individual digital signatures.

· The State of North Carolina has invested heavily to consolidate its data centers and to develop technology infrastructure-related projects such as the North Carolina Information Highway. The State convened a senior level working group to research e-commerce requirements and strategies. This group produced an e-government * The World Wide...
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