One More Thing

Topics: Anton Chekhov, Short story, Fiction Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: November 11, 2012
“One More Thing”: it is your choice
The short story, One More Thing, is written by, American writer, Raymond Carver. Raymond Carver was born may 25, 1938, and he died august 2, 1988. He started his career back in 1958. His first break through was with the book, Carnations. One More Thing, has three characters, Rae, Maxine and L.D.

The short story is about L.D., who gets kicked out of his home. L.D. is married to Maxine, and together they have a child, Rae, who is a 15 year old girl. L.D.’s selfish behaviour illustrates how much it can cost you, if you do not think about the people that you really love.

L.D. is a aggressive and selfish person, which you can see through his actions. He throws the jar through the window: he picked up the jar and pitched it through the kitchen window. Also the way he talks is aggressive: “All right, I’m going right now,” he said. “It suits me to a tee. You’re nuts here, anyway. This is a nuthouse. There’s another life out there. Believe me, this is no picnic, this nuthouse”. It is not written in the text, but it seems to be a problem for L.D. and his family, that he drinks to much: L.D.’s wife, Maxine, told him to get the night she came home from work and found L.D. drunk again and being abusive to Rae. L.D. is also a bit confused. L.D. says many times, I’m going, or when Maxine tells him to leave, he just says, ok. He says it like he does not care, like he is not against, that it is fine. How ever, when he is done packing his stuff, and also a bit of Maxines (tooth paste, soap etc.), he comes back into the living room. Then he is hesitating, because he does not know what to say only, this is it. This is good-bye. I don’t know what to say, except I guess I’ll never see you again. You too. Raymond Carver has a special writing style. He does not tell his reader what has happened before. He only tells the reader, the most important details. It is also called the minimalistic writer. He does not write much, but what he writes,...
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