One More Chance

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  • Published : October 20, 2011
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Its another


I have to go to office

I Saw Today’s Newspaper

Ohh!!! This is ME…

I shouted having a glance on my snap in today’s newspaper What the hell it is doing in the

Death Column?

One Sec… Let me Think!

When I was going to bed, Last Night I have severe Pain in My Chest

I was taken to Hospital But I think I had Sound Sleep There..

Its 10AM Now… Where is My Coffee?

I will be late for office

My Boss will get a chance to irritate me

But.. Where is Everyone?

I Think There is a Crowd outside my Room. But Why Some of them Crying

I looked inside the Room

I Was lying on the Floor

I Was Shocked

I Shouted

Nobody was Looking at me They were watching my body Lying on the floor

I asked myself

Where is my Wife, My Children, My Friends?

She Was Crying

I Saw my Wife in Next Room

She was Looking Very SAD

My little kid was also crying because her Mom was SAD

How Can I Go Without Saying My Wife that She was the most Beautiful and Caring Wife in this World.

How Can I Go Without Saying My Kid that I Really Love Them I Really do Care For them!

How Can I Go Without Saying My Friends that

Without them perhaps, I have done Most of the Wrong things in My Life

Oh! The Guy there was used to be my Best Friend Small Misunderstanding made us apart

I Just want to say him SORRY

It seems no one is able to see me

Am I Really DEAD?
I asked myself

I sat Down Near ME. I was also feeling like Crying

I prayed..


I Want to make my Wife, My Kids, My Friends Realize that How much I LOVE THEM!

I Saw My Wife entered the Room I Wanted to Tell her that…

Ohh God I Screamed


One More Chance to Hug My Child

One More Chance To Thank My Wife for Still Being There in my life

I Shouted..
God, One More Chance Please…

ut e ho u S .. “Yo d… have...
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