One Minute Manager

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  • Published : May 21, 2011
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Maritza Soto, Ph.D/J.D, Professor

Student Name __Alvin Y. Rios______Date __April 19, 2011_____ Please answer the questions as detailed as possible. Should be typewritten or computer written and must be handed in on the due date only. 1. Who are the main characters of the story?

The main characters are: The young man, the one minute manager, Mr. Trenell, Mr. Levy, Ms. Brown. 2. What is the quickest way to increase your productivity, profits, satisfaction, and/or personal prosperity? The quickest way it’s by implementing the One Minute Manager plan. 3. What is the most important or first of the philosophies? The One Minute Goal Settings.

4. What is it that the "One Minute Manager" concept always makes it clear? That work efficiency it’s based on the well being of the employees. In other words, the big factor in productivity is the people. Good productivity depends of people behavior. 5. What is the second essential component of the "One Minute Manager" philosophy of management? The One Minute Praisings

6. Summarize the One Minute Goals philosophy.
This philosophy makes the individuals to focus on its goal. Its demand to write each goal in a single paper, no more than 250 words. Re-read the goal to concentrate on it. Then monitor the performance and see which behavior whether or not matches its goal. 7. Summarize the One Minute Praisings.

Let the people know that you are going to be monitoring them. Praise them immediately if they do things rights. Let the people know that how you feel when they makes things right. Encourage them to stay in that direction. Shake hands to make them feel that you support them in the success. 8. What are One Minute Reprimands and why do they work?

One Minute Reprimands are some managers and employees encounters that its focus in helping the employees. It’s important because...
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