One Minute Management

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The One Minute Management Principle
One of the most common struggles reported by managers is a lack of time – time to effectively work with their team members while being able to complete their ‘own work’, and constantly being challenged to achieve higher targets with fewer resources. For these reasons, the skills of the one minute manager might be just the ticket to help managers across all organizations lead their teams more effectively and efficiently. Now, to make it quite clear, the one minute management principle is not about managing staff in one minute, but using scarce time to focus leadership on where it is most needed. Let us have a look at what the one minute manager is about. Who was The One Minute Manager?

The one minute manager was a leader who believed that, by investing just a little of his time, his people could achieve great results. The key to this is clarity and agreement on goals, and on ‘what a good job looks like’. With the goals set, he took the time to review his people’s performance and provide them with open, timely and useful feedback. Ultimately, having set his people up for success, he held them accountable for achieving it. And they did. A one minute manager is any person who sees the importance of effective goal setting and feedback; one who is putting this simple theory into practice and achieving exceptional results while creating self-reliant, motivated, high-achieving team members. The Three Secrets to Becoming a One Minute Manager

1. One minute goals
All good performance starts with clear goals. It is amazing how often leaders are told about the power of goal setting, and yet fail to align their goals with those of their team members. Often, it is not until something goes wrong or expectations are not met that managers clarify the goal. The secret of one minute goals is simply to agree, upfront, on the tasks that the employee is accountable for, and ensure that the manager and employee’s views on what a good job looks...
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