One Man Two Guvnors Drama Review

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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One Man Two Guvnors review
In a packed theatre, full of audiences from all ages who continuously have a smile on their face; currently rated as a high five stars, One Man Two Guvnors could not be a funnier performance to watch. As soon as I entered the theatre, it was completely packed. I also saw many people from different age groups; this gave me a feeling that the show would be entertaining enough to get people from all ages to come and see the show. The environment of the theatre was very formal, as there was a red and gold layout and it was also very clean. Before the show started there was country singers, this was a very good way to introduce the show as the song was very upbeat and got me feeling more excited. They were dressed in checked shirts and suits; this gave me the feeling straight away that it would be based before the 2000s, which I was right as it is set in 1963. These country singers also came in a few times during the show and sang many more lively songs which I loved hearing and sung with my friends. The main character that stood out the most to me was the well-known actor James Cordon, whom played a failed skiffle player named Francis who is in need of a job… and a meal! He gets himself in a shuffle, as working as a servant for two masters whom are currently enemies. Many words could describe Francis; funny, dopey, confused, loud, sociable, at times annoying. Not only did he make the audience laugh, he also spoke to them too! For example, asking the audience who has a sandwich, which made the audience get more involved with Francis. He also did return a sandwich and a few other treats when asked! He had also made the audience a part of the performance as he needed some volunteers to get up on stage and help him out in the jobs he had to do. Such as, lifting a trunk and needing help on food preparations. My favourite scene that made Francis impress me the most was when he had to keep his two guvnors away from each other and at the same...
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