One Man Alone: An Overview

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  • Published : December 8, 2011
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One Man Alone

In “One Man Alone” William Manchester tells us one of histories greatest but least known stories. Ferdinand Magellan’s search for the pacific, the Spice Islands, and converting native people to Christianity all while trying to circumnavigate the world is something that has an underlying meaning to it. Manchester in “One Man Alone” points out one of histories greatest hero’s.

Ferdinand Magellan was trying to circumnavigate the world and find tiny islands in the largest ocean on the planet. He was looking for a needle in a haystack. Magellan, sailing under the flag of St. George, set out on his very long and his last journey. While trying to recruit seamen a spy sabotaged his efforts. His crewmates were inexperienced and his ships were barley floating when he set off on his adventure. He had to alter his course on the way to Brazil, which was the first thing that made his crew doubt his ability to lead the adventure. The second thing that made his crew doubt him was his failure to tell them why they altered course and the fact that he said, “follow me, and don’t ask questions!” did not help his status. He was disheartened when he did not find the Pacific Ocean, but kept persisting past the difficulties. Day after day he searched the Riviere de la Plata but he had no luck in finding the Pacific Ocean. Finally, tired of no answers, some of the explorers mutinied. Magellan took back his ships and set off in search of the Spice Islands. He went south and found what is now called the straits of Magellan. He had at last found the Pacific Ocean. He had lost two ships already and they were running low on food. They continued on and on with supplies running low and people dying every day, they finally reached what is now Guam. The natives welcomed them and Magellan converted them over to Christianity. They continued on to the Philippines, and Cebu where they replenished supplies. While on Cebu, Magellan was now addicted to converting the natives. He...
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