One Litre of Tears

Topics: High school Pages: 7 (2728 words) Published: October 13, 2010
This film is all about a fifteen year old girl name Ikeuchi Aya. She was an ordinary girl, the daughter of a family who works at a tofu shop, and a soon-to-be high schooler. She has two younger sisters and one brother. Ikeuchi Ako, a beautiful girl whom was very different with Aya. She’s trendy and wanted to join the latest mode, and she’s not smart as her onee-chan (her sister). Ikeuchi Hiroki, the only brother she has. He has a very active lifestyle and very good soccer player. And the youngest, Ikeuchi Rika, she’s the cutest girl on the family.

The story started when Aya is on her way to the High School entrance exam at Higashikou High, but because she is still wide awake last night she fell asleep on the bus. When she woke up she’s already on the next bus stop. She runs as fast as she could, still hoping that she could take up the exam. Unfortunately, while in a hurry she fell down on the bicycle park where a boy wearing a school uniform is gazing the sky. This boy is Haruto Asou, a son of the head doctor in a well known hospital in their place. Asou felt pity on Aya because despite of her bloody knees she’s still trying to catch up the examination. This inflames Asou to take Aya in the Higashikou High with his bicycle. Lately, both of them joined the examination. The result of the examination was released and the two both passed them.

On the first day of class, Aya and Asou were on the same section and also both of them are nominated as the class officer for the first semester. Their first task is to conduct a choral for the upcoming competition. But some of their classmates are not cooperative enough. Aya without the presence of Asou is having a hard time deciding on whether what song may the class fit the best. But days after Asou tried to convince their classmates to have a voting for the song that they want to sing so it would be easy for Aya to choose what song to perform. As day went by Aya is gaining more friends in school, she also joined the basketball team while Asou joined the Biology club. But in spite of this Asou is still a weirdo to Aya.

One morning when Aya is on her way to school, she fell unconditionally directly down the road and her chin bleeds. Her mother, Ikeuchi Shioka rushed her to the hospital. Her mother told the doctor about the things that she often noticed to Aya such as she always having an out of balance while walking, she couldn’t hold things well, and this time the she falls occasionally. The doctor suggested her mother to have a check up with the neurology department. On the other hand, while Aya is waiting on her mother she saw Asou at the lobby of the said hospital she was so curious why is he there. They have some talk and jokes but it was not that long, later Asou went on his way.

The choir competition is coming day by day Aya is getting busier than the first day of school. While on her way home she saw and chased a brown puppy on the street. Unintentionally the puppy went to a bench where Asou is laying. Both of them were surprise and then they decided to always visit the puppy on the said place to feed him. A few days later, Shioka received a phone call from Dr. Mizuno the doctor who does the checked up on Aya. He wants to talk to Shioka and if possible he also wants to meet Ikeuchi Mizuo the father of Aya. Shioka came to the hospital all by herself. Dr. Mizuno told her that Aya has a “Spinocellar Degeneration Disease” an illness that is incurable at this moment. A terrible disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat, Shioka was shocked on what she has heard. She can hardly accept it; she went to different doctors, makes a research and bought medicine to slow down the dispersion of the disease. She told her husband that Aya only has a peripheral imbalance which is common to teenagers. But later on she also confessed it to him. Mr. Ikeuchi can’t accept that her daughter got...
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