One for All

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One for All, All for One
(Large Class Scheme)

University of the Philippines Los Banos started piloting large classes on the first semester of AY 2007-2008. This new policy offers some of its courses having 120 or more students per lecture class. It aims to optimize the number of students intake and as well as the university’s resources. With the implementation of Memorandum No. 001, the large class scheme, many students and professors stood against it and even came into the point of being discussed in social networking sites and media such as news papers and television networks. This major issue brought the rage among UP students and professors that were against the implementation of the large class policy. UP professors were never been this vocal about implementations of policies of the former UP administration. This opposition indicated the thought of quality vs. quantity in the UP education.

Large class scheme will consist of 120-160 students per lecture class which is four times more than the previous lecture class sizes and taught twice weekly with an hour each. This was the reason why UP students and professors rallied against the policy. They know, this will greatly affect the quality of education especially with social sciences courses where students need to engage and grasp the lecture. This scheme will lose the relationship among students and teaches and deep discussions about the lessons.

The administration aimed to address major issues of the university such as bottleneck courses where limited number of students was allowed to enroll due to the limited offered courses and class size and to increase student accommodation in the university. These bottleneck courses are mostly general education courses which cause delays to students’ graduations and are under Revitalized General Education Program (RGEP), where courses are taught by senior faculty members. These senior faculty members should be able to persuade students to learn as well as...
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