One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest - Dr Spivey Interior Monologue

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Interior Monologue
Dr. Spivey sits down at his desk and puts his glasses on. He shuffles his papers and begins to review the events of the previous weeks in his journal. Spivey then contemplates the letter requesting his resignation. These past weeks have been hard on everyone. As much as Mr. McMurphy has changed this ward for good, there are moments when I wish he had never been committed. Before McMurphy there had been an age of oppression. The patients’ life schedules were forced down their throat, whether they liked it or not, by the immense form of Nurse Ratched. Each day was a game of cat and mouse, a patient grows restless, speaks up, only to be on the receiving end of Nurse Ratched and her accusing gaze. This life, while hardly free, was safe. And safe is what these patients need in this difficult part of their lives. Receiving this letter asking for my resignation brings out mixed emotions. I hated this job, for a very long time. That part of me wants to accept and be done with this whole damned hospital. Then I think of what happened to McMurphy, what she did to him. If he could lead the stand against Nurse Ratched, surely I could finish it? When I first met Mr. McMurphy I was quite skeptical of his self-diagnosed insanity. He showed tremendous self-confidence and had a certain charisma not often seen in the mentally unstable. Furthermore, Nurse Ratched’s intimidating presence seemed to have no effect on him. When I think back now, to how everything was before we met McMurphy, I wonder how he did it. At the time the patients thought him as some sort of hero, superhuman even. I laughed such notions off at first, considering them to be the desperate thoughts of the weak and unstable. But then he died. Every day his ghost grows larger and more powerful. And as this memory grows, so do the patients. You see it, in the way they talk, the way they hold the once overpowering gaze of Nurse Ratched with ease. We’ve had three voluntary’s leave the ward already...
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