One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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The six psychological approaches are biological, learning or behavioral, cognitive, sociocultural, psychodynamic, and humanistic. Each approach is unique in its own way and used by psychiatrists to diagnose the problem. A biological approach is applied when the there is a known medical condition. The medical condition normally connects to mental health, and the solution comes from therapy. This particular approach looks at the whole body. The learning or behavioral approach is all about analyzing the person’s the behavior and modifying their behavior biased on their response to the environment. This approach works from positive and negatives items in their environment, and is sometimes cured by brings these elements in and out of their life to fix the problem. The events in the environment can be rewards or punishments that will influence the patients behavior. The cognitive perspective is about understand a patients thinking and understanding. How we process, store, and retrieve information influences our behavior. It is said that all problems are located in the brain, and using this perspective you can find a medical issue that is affecting how the brain is working. The sociocultural approach is when the mental health has something to do with the environment that deals with growth. The culture in which the patient is a large factor. In a psychodynamic approach an individual’s problem is inside the unconscious mind. This can be from a dramatic event that happened earlier in their life. Sometimes the cure can be from the patient themselves accepting the fact, or acknowledging that they have a problem. The final approach is a humanistic approach. This is about individual or self directed choices that influence behavior. This approach deals with the physical health of a patient to eventually cure their mental health. There is a well known philosophy that a healthy mind equals a healthy body. In this approach, a psychologist will control the patients diet and...
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