One Fat Summer

Topics: Obesity, English-language films, Lawn mower Pages: 4 (1466 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Imagine being so fat that you never wear a t-shirt in public. Ever. Imagine having only one friend that understands you in the whole world. This is what life is like for Bobby Marks, in One Fat Summer, an entertaining and inspiring novel. This book is a good read because the characters are unique, the plot is exhilarating, and the author entertains you through riveting scenes and thrilling action. There are many interesting characters in this book. Bobby Marks, the main character, is an overweight teenager living on Rumson Lake for the summer. Bobby is very self conscious about his weight. In fact, he only goes out in public if it is cool enough to wear a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants. So, as you can imagine, he hates summer. Bobby is also quite imaginative. When he was younger he would spend hours each day imagining what life would be like to be invisible. Sometimes when he is mowing at Dr. Khan’s house, he pretends to be a soldier in a fierce battle just to get through the hard work. Dr. Khan is the old man that Bobby works for. He is a stern old man with high expectations and little forgiveness. When Bobby mows the lawn, Dr. Khan just stands in the window, looming over Bobby, waiting for him to mess up one time, just so he can come out and yell and him and charge him for a broken lawn mower blade or something. After a few days of work, Khan lowered Bobby’s pay significantly because Bobby didn’t meet his high standards. Another way Dr. Khan expresses his strictness is that he is very picky about the time. If Bobby is so much as 30 seconds late, Dr. Khan gets on his case about wanting the job or not. Even though Dr. Khan is a mean old man, he shows some signs of kindness at times. On the second day of Bobby’s employment, he met Willie Rumson. Willie was applying for the same job as Bobby, so Willie got mad when he saw Bobby coming to work. Willie started to insult Bobby about his weight and kept harassing him until Dr. Khan stood up for Bobby and told Willie...
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