One Day, Now Broken in Two

Topics: Attack, Attack!, Thought Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: January 6, 2009
One Day, Now Broken in Two, is an article written by Anna Quindlen. The theme of this piece is based on the attacks made on 9-11 and her eldest child’s birthday of September 11th. Quindlen shows an expression of different thoughts and opinions toward this one date. The attack and her child’s birthday appear to have been split into two viewpoints. One shown as a critical moment in which America’s hearts broke and the second shown as a moment which was filled with excitement and happiness, yet each having the same date. She explains how one date, like September 11th, can lead to a set of different emotions, meanings, opinions and thoughts.

In my opinion, Quindlen’s logic about what America became and how people in America reacted to change after the attacks had been made is absolutely correct. People in America today, in reference to Quindlen’s piece, now tend to say, “You were really born on 9-11?” when a person says, “I was born on September 11th.” I don’t think that it is the Americans fault for thinking this way because I, myself, think the same exact way. One of my friends was born on September 11th and to this day I still say, “Wow, you were really born on 9-11!” Airports, trains, and boats now have a high number of armed security men because of the attack. Even after the increase in security was made, people still questioned their safety and for months, close to years, people stopped traveling because they were too nervous and scared. Due to the attacks that were made on 9-11, not only were buildings attacked but the American society’s minds were attacked, consumed with fear. Each person’s eyes were focused on their television sets for days as the recordings of the planes flying into each tower were played over and over. People mourned the death of loved ones and friends. People became unemployed and had to search for jobs in order to raise almost the same amount of money they were being paid in their last job. Parents kept children out of school...
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