One Day in the Life of a Shoe

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One day in the life of a shoe
I am a shoe, and I am my own. I am not like those little elegant high hells or this big chunky boot. You might think I look a bit clumsy or uncool, but I might be the best thing that has ever happened to your feet and legs. I was gifted the day my owner bought me; finally I was able to pursue my purpose. I love to run, short trips and little longer trips, fast or slow. However the weather is behaving I am always ready to help my owner through a run. My days are usually long and a bit boring like today. I wake up early ready for some work-out, but I soon realize that I will have to wait some time, before I am used. My owner hurries around in the mornings, while I watch her hoping she will pick me instead of her fine little leather sneakers. But she is on her way to school, and I am no good for that purpose obviously. Then I will be sitting on my spot where she throw me last day and wait for her to come home again. Some days I might get with her in a bag, these days are some of the more exciting. I never know what is going to happen, last year she brought me many times in row for a time. That was when she was attending some sort of competition on her school, I loved this period. I made her do her best and look good in others eyes. She might not consider me as a reason for her good performance, but I know I am. While I wait I think about lots of different things, I might get scared that she will someday throw me away, because I am to worn. I am already used for over a year, and in these days you do not as a running shoe live for much longer. I am already starting to feel some pain when we run longer trips, because I am worn in the front of my soles. It hurts my heart to think about the day I am not good enough anymore, but then she always makes me feel better, when she returns from school picks me up, looks at me with one of these sights full of tenderness and promises me a ride later that day. I really do not know a better feeling...
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