One Day in September

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One Day in September
Watching the movie “One Day in September” helped me remember an unforgettable attack. “One Day in September”, shows the attack on September 5, 1972.The attack was a bloody disaster. There were deaths of people who will never be forgotten. September 5, 1972 changed a lot for the Olympics.

On September 5, 1972, a group of terrorist from Germany went on a crucial mission. The group was called Black September. They kept their identity hidden. Many believed they attacked for political reasons. After watching “One Day in September”, I believe that terrorism is a form of political commentary. I believe that if terrorist attack it’s because they want something from the government. It was said that Black September attacked out of anger from previous Olympic controversy. They also wanted to free their people. Black September was Palestinians who wanted something from the government. Many people believe that East Germany had planned this attack. However, the attack was poorly planned and didn’t work out as expected. Black September took eleven athletes and coaches. The athletes and coaches were Israeli and were athletes and coaches of the Olympics. It then made sense that they were angry about something that previously took place during the Olympics.

In return for the Israeli athletes and coaches, Black September wanted 200 Palestinians released from jail. Black September had threatened to kill the Israeli athletes and coaches if their demands weren’t fulfilled. Black September gave the government a certain time to release the 200 Palestinians inmates. As time passed, the Palestinians still weren’t released. I can imagine the eleven athletes and coaches being very afraid at that moment. They probably thought they were going to lose their life. At that point, the athletes and coaches had a legitimate reason to give in to demands by Black September. It would have been reasonable for the athletes to and coaches to give in to their demands to live....
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