One-Day Food Intake

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One-day food intake
June 13, 2011

One-day food intake
The way we eat throughout our lives affects our lifestyle this assignment had us keep a log for a day of the food we consumed through the use of iProfile. Today, good nutrition is important more than ever however, food by itself is not alone the primary key leading to a healthy lifestyle exercising has a big part as well. Exercising and eating right will have a huge impact on our lifestyle and could lower risk for diseases such as heart diseases, and diabetes. According to the American Dietetic Association “Changes in your food choices and lifestyle, and perhaps weight reduction and medication can lower your risk…” (American Dietetic Association, n.d.). These diseases have been linked to the choices of food people choose and over indulge in additionally, people that smoke, use alcohol frequently are more likely to be diagnosed with these diseases. Genetics are factor but this is something that cannot be changed and the amount of exercise and the way you eat is something that you are in control of and could modify. As mentioned earlier this assignment had us record our food intake for one-day using iProfile so we could see how important good nutrition and what we eat affects our health. At first iProfile was intimidating but once the data started to flow and reports where seen it was a great experience how the diet you would normally consume on a daily bases did or did not meet a healthy lifestyle and to identify where and what type of foods you would need to consume to get all the vitamins and nutrients needed. The biggest eye opener was that so many foods have so many types of nutrients in them and after looking at my results for one-day it is very apparent for an individual to have a variety of food in their diet. Dietary reference intake (DRI)

After reviewing my iProfile journal entry for the one-day, I recorded my information it was very apparent that my diet for that day does not...
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