One Day at a Florida Key by Robert Bly: An Analysis

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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Paul Bruton
American Short Forms
Final Paper
The Poem “One Day at a Florida Key by Robert Bly is spectacular. It captures the beauty of the Florida Keys and how life naturally exists there. It uses a great detail of description. In sum it exemplifies the Florida Keys way of life by using many formal issues and saying by how the pelicans live and show our way of life through living theirs. The first formal issue addressed in this poem is imagery. Imagery is a set of mental pictures or images created by a piece of writing. This gives you a mental picture of the Florida Keys. “And the sea having slept all night seems heated, immobile, uncentralized, robust, abundant, low- voiced. On a dead tree just above offshore, fourteens pelicans are trying their wings and encouraging their stomach linings. Now they look down and see the helpless fish once more”. This sets a picture of the sea being calm and motionless yet still being a very powerful force in the setting. This then sets a mental picture of the quest of the pelicans to get their prey in the fish for food. The author conveys a sense of how a pelican survives and lives. Yet again imagery is seen in the poem when it says “ We see dark ragged lines of trees, braced behind shiny, coppery water, given a momentary further darkness by a leaping fish, given broad strokes of murder by a pelican lumbering shoreward”. The author here gives you an image of the fish jumping from the murky coppery water of the sea not knowing what’s ahead. Finally imagery is seen in the last paragraph when it says “Just before dark, the rosy band left by the setting sun to evaporate. The sun disk is gone, leaving behind the solitary, funeral, and obscure, Jesuitical, cloud-reflecting, cloud-worshipping, altar-mad, boat strewn Florida waters”. This imagery of the sun going down and the Florida waters conveys a message that the sun brings promise to the area of the Florida Keys and then when the sun goes down the island feels a sense...
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