One Class That Changed My Life- Narrative Paper

Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Kendra Fender
Composition 1

One Class Changed My Life
Throughout my childhood I was misbehaving, I got into fights and didn’t care about anything until theatre came into my life. When I went into high school I didn’t care if I got bad grades or even if I passed, I didn’t really care about anything. I took classes that I knew I needed and then I let my counselor choose the electives; she put me in theatre which I never fully understood why. As my freshman year went on I got into a lot of fights just for the simple reason I didn’t want to be there, I would literally do anything just to get sent home for a few days; however, for some reason theatre was the only class I ever actually hated to miss. My theatre teacher became the most important person in my life.

Theatre class started to mean a lot to me; the more we learned the more interesting it became. In class we started to work on short one acts and stage combat and how to do tech which was mostly sound and lighting for shows. Once I got involved it all kind of sunk in, that I could be a different person that I could change. The main production was coming up and there were crews to help out. I signed up for; Construction, Lighting, Sound, House and Hospitality, and Programs. They were all a lot of fun and I learned a lot but only one made me seem like I was at home and that would be house and hospitality, I am not sure if it was because once those doors opened I was one of the first people to be seen or if it was the dressing up that made it most memorable for me but whatever the reason was I could not stop, I continued doing it all through high school. When I went home, all I ever talked about was theatre and what I was working on in house. I started talking to the theatre teacher Jacquie Thompson or as I call her Mrs. T a lot, about upcoming events.

As the year went on Mrs. T noticed that I was putting more effort into the class. She pulled me aside to talk to me. “Hello Kendra, how is...
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